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For the past 20 years, I’ve had the incredible honour of photographing lavish weddings all around the globe. Exceptional, memorable, and magical luxury weddings that exceed all expectations. Monaco and the French Riviera, with their extraordinary event venues, will remain in my heart as the epitome of absolute luxury and elegance. With its luxury hotels and iconic palaces, is home to the most beautiful wedding venues, where weddings are celebrated above and beyond the norm. Like Frank Damgaard, founder of Monte-Carlo Weddings, an amazing magician, with whom I have covered number of weddings. Frank work exclusively in the luxury events sector in Monaco and abroad, creating outstanding weddings that will take your breath away.


My vocation for photography was revealed in 2002. I was moved and taken aback by my own sight and recognised that photography was a unique form of expression that allowed me to record and study my surroundings. Without any moral obligations, I travel the globe in pursuit of the best photos. My photographs capture these moments of life, with palpable emotions in a soft and deep light, and tell these stories through their originality, strength, and passion. Photography enables this: touching, understanding the other without regard to borders or language obstacles. The picture tells a truth in its bareness, exhilarates the senses, and speaks for itself. Image is an international language.

The photo wasn’t just a fortuitous encounter; it changed my life and became my passion, my drive, and the centre of my existence. Self-taught humanist photographer in the wedding photography industry, I was immediately carried since the human race is what moves me the most. I consequently started doing social and humanitarian photographs. I have obtained world-renowned experience and had the incredible honour of covering the most opulent weddings in the entire world. You are looking for a wedding photojournalist in Budapest? I use a fine art and documentary style to capture beautiful, unique timeless images.

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